Patient Testimonial

I was referred to Dr. Cohen by my personal dentist of 20 years because I needed to begin the implant process for an upper molar that had cracked and had to be extracted. I am in day four of my recovery from the initial step of placing the post in my upper gum, and I must say I am pleased with the fact that I have had little to no swelling and very little pain. I've managed any minor discomfort with Motrin only. Overall a very uncomfortable situation was "not bad at all" given the procedure I was facing. I do have a complaint -- re: insurance coverage. I think the dental insurances that I carry (I pay for two of them) should better communicate with me, and the Office Staff about what is covered and what is not. Initially I was given an estimate that I would have complete coverage with little if any out of pocket cost based on both insurances. Then suddenly MetLife backs out and inserts a "non-duplication clause" conveniently to avert any responsibility for payment. And Delta Dental only pays for just less than half of all costs associated with the procedure. I understand now why dental insurance companies are housed in such big, beautiful offices -- courtesy of my premiums. And I still have to pay out of pocket for over half of the total costs! Very discouraging. Anyway I would highly recommend Dr. Cohen. He did an outstanding job on my implant placement within the parameters of these initial steps. So far so good.

- Kelly D

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